Bourbon Valhalla in West Texas. And though I didn't venture far from that corner of the store, scotch and wine were exhaustively well represented as well. Heard about the place from some friends, and as luck would have it I was scheduled to be in Abilene for a dove hunt two weeks from then. The owner John is a great guy with a VAST knowledge of all that he offers, but he could easily write a book on bourbon. I soaked up all I could in the half hour we chatted, and walked out with 5 great bottles you can't just find anywhere. Phenomenal selection, excellent prices, & knowledgable and friendly staff from the owner on down. MAKE THE TRIP!!

Billy V.

Everybody is so nice and helpful. They also cary more products than most liquor stores. If they don't have it and they can get it, they will order it for you.

Laura H.

This isn't your run of the mill liquor store. Sure they have your regular liquor but you deserve better than that and John (owner) has got it. Unbelievable selection of quality high end liquor and beer. I was in town from Seattle and was told to check out H&H Beverages. So glad I did. John some how gets rare bourbons I haven't been able to find anywhere (and I've been looking). I mean seriously even online you can't find theses bourbons or scotches. John is super knowledgeable and helpful. I haven't even mentioned his beer and wine selection. Do yourself a favor and at least check it out. Add to your collection or impress your friends with beer, bourbon and wine they've never tried before. I will be visiting H&H every time I come back to Abilene. A rare gem of a liquor store I wish I had in Seattle

Dylan F.

Awesome store- unbelievable selection. John was super helpful and took the time to go over options with us. Seriously, you should definitely go out of your way to stop by this place if you're looking for something particular!

Stephanie A.

It was awesome,I didn't realize that it was tucked into the back corner kinda, and it looks kinda lik small place but WOW are you in for a treat, it's large, and spacious with an excellent selection of everything, and the staff are very pleasant and willing to assist you even if your not there to make a purchase.

Vicki B.

I have shopped many liquor stores across the country so when I went into H&H and met John the owner we learned that this was no ordinary shop. We asked a few questions and John was so enthoustiac that we hit it off right away. Super helpful and friendly and what a selection! We ended up staying for over an hour and leaving with an grin and some mighty fine bourbon. Thank you John for taking time to chat, educate and make someone from out of town feel like a local. You rock! I will swing by SW Abilene every time we are in town.

Mark G.

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